Friday, July 18, 2014

Should I Rush? How I Feel about Sorority Recruitment

A question I get so often from girls is should I rush? My answer is almost always yes! And here is why

I am in a sorority and love it. I have met two of my best friends there, girls I know will be by my side for years to come. My answer to the question is this: if you are even considering it you should do it. Going through recruitment does not mean you have to join a sorority! It means you are potentially interested and want to talk to a few girls to figure out what it's all about. 

I say if you're considering it, it's worth a shot. You can always try it and drop out of recruitment if it is really not your thing. Most people figure this out pretty soon. Once you've done a day or two of recruitment you'll probably either be in love or you'll say this isn't for me. And either is completely fine and acceptable. Just two quick tips is to keep an open mind and stay true to who you are. Keep those things in mind and I know you will figure out whether or not greek life is for you!

xoxo Lauren

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