Monday, July 14, 2014

Agenda Smackdown: Lilly Pulitzer vs. Kate Spade

The other day I got a comment asking the pros and cons of the Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade agendas, and decided to write a whole post about it!

However when I got down to it, the agendas function pretty similarly so I do not have a whole lot of pros and cons for each, but I will explain my though process in my choice of agenda this year!

Last year I had a Lilly agenda and loved it! It was colorful and cute and I truly adored it. So this year I pre-ordered another (a jumbo this time, the pocket just wasn't cutting it). When it came however, the back of the agenda completely fell off and I was a little upset. I also noticed that the overall quality just wasn't as great as my last one, which made me seriously reconsider my choice. So I returned the Lilly and got a Kate Spade one instead. Here's why I love my Kate Spade agenda.

Unlike the Lilly Pulitzer agenda, the Kate Spade agenda's spiral binding is covered on the outside, so the back of the agenda falling off will never be a problem! This is really the thing that stood out to me the most. Also I realized I like the look more anyway. While I still love Lilly, I noticed that the Kate Spade agenda would match my other school supplies more, and I love matching. It also just seemed to be classier, I feel a little more sophisticated going into my meetings with the simple design.

So here are my final thoughts and advice:

If you love Lilly and color go for it! I am sure my experience with the quality is not normal, I probably just got a bad one. But I would advise you to see it in person before buying, rather than order online as I did.

If you like simple designs go with Kate! It's classic design is very versatile and so chic. The outside cover is handy and will protect your agenda from wear and tear.

The choice really comes down to aesthetic and what you prefer, because when I thought about it they function very similarly! They pretty much have some of the same features, just a different look.

So what will you choose, a colorful design or a simple look?

xoxo Lauren

ps: here is my post about my Kate Spad Agenda and the one of how I organized my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda


  1. Thank you so much for this! I will probably end up choosing Kate Spade or something similar to it. I really like how the binding is inside of it and how professional it looks.

    Again thanks so much this has really helped!

  2. I just got my Kate Spade Agenda and I LOVE IT!!!!!!