Monday, January 13, 2014

What's in my school bag?

In case you were wondering what I am carrying around this semester here you go!

This is a picture of everything I have in my tote! So now I will break it done on where you can get everything!

First I have the Mead Trapper Keeper notebook. It's a spiral that has a clear front like a binder so you can put your syllabus in front or maybe just a cute binder cover!

Next is my I have my Lilly Pulitzer pocket agenda in Let's Cha Cha. An agenda is a must of course and as I've mentioned before Let's Cha Cha is my favorite print. I chose the pocket sized one because I carry a tote and its smaller and so it fits easier.

Then is my Moleskine notebook with an added monogram of course! It's the perfect little notebook for random lists and to do's. Whatever I need to remember and write down I can do it here.

And lastly is a set of Lilly Pulitzer sticky notes. Inside there are several different sizes, and post its are always handy. But unfortunately this are an old print and you can't get them anymore.

I just love this chevron accordion folder! I got it from the dollar section in Target and I love the way the gold monogram looks on the blue. This is where I put handouts, like syllabi and such.

Next I got a set of three lined Post It notes. Once again, post its are handy and these are a perfect size to put in my agenda and scrible down more to do's are assignments

I also got these Post It tabs for sectioning off my notes. Its really helpful to put a new tab for each day of notes to find them easier when studying!

And very last is my Lilly Pulitzer pencil case in my all time favorite print First Impression. I adore this pencil case. This is usually one of the first compliments I get when people see my school supplies!

Well I hope you enjoyed peeking into my school bag! And I hope maybe you got some ideas on how to make your semester a little more efficient.

xoxo Lauren

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