Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Week of Class Outfits

I love the first week back to class. I always have so much more energy and because of this I definitely dress a lot better. Plus its a nice first impression for your professors and fellow classmates. So here is what I wore this week!

This camel blazer from Target is one of my favorite pieces. I pared it with a white lace top, jeans, and nude flats. Perfect first day outfit.

Tuesday was a little more relaxed. I love infinity scarfs and this light pink is nice and cheery. I wore it with a plain gray shirt, jeans, and taupe riding boots.

On Wednesdays we wear pink! Yes I actually did do that on purpose. Also on Wednesdays my sorority wears a shirt with our name on it so here is mine! I also have on jeans and my new white converse which I am absolutely in love with.

Well you can't really tell from the picture but I'm wearing a gray chevron scarf with my monogram on it! Also wearing a dark gray top, jeans, and brown riding boots.

And heres Friday. Not so great I know. I only have one class Fridays so it's a little hard to find the motivation to dress well. So I chose a long sleeve t-shirt, leggings, and my brown riding boots. We all have to have one lazy day, right?

Well I hope you liked my outfits! If you have any questions leave a comment.

xoxo Lauren